Say your name: [YOUR NAME]

Your business name: [YOUR BUSINESS NAME]

Your neighborhood: If your business is in D5 (Supervisor Preston) or D3 (Supervisor Peskin) make sure you say so!

How has your business been affected by the pandemic?

  • How much debt have you accrued?
  • How much staff have you laid off?
  • How many years will it take for you to recover?
  • How will Shared Spaces help your recovery?
  • How will filling vacant storefronts help bring customers back?
  • Whether the previous parklet program (where you could not offer table reservations) would be economically viable for you.

“All of the members of this Committee have said they support small business. We need Shared Spaces to recover.
We cannot have any more uncertainty! We need you to act 
I am asking you to please vote in favor of the permanent Shared Spaces legislation TODAY and without any amendments.”


  • Further delays are unfair to our most vulnerable businesses that do not feel comfortable making this investment without the certainty of a permit.
  • Los Angeles has made it permanent.
  • Every parklet is additional jobs for people from vulnerable communities: entry level workers, immigrants, minorities, and undocumented workers.
  • The old parklet program did not allow table reservations, and after 6 years it was averaging 5-10 applications a year. It is too economically difficult to pay for creation, maintenance, and insurance without being able to guarantee a reservation to a customer.
  • These parking spaces are just .05% of the City’s 440,000 publicly owned parking spots.
  • We have asked Small Business to pay for the safety of the public. This will help small businesses recover lost rents.